Retirement Villages Are Not Aged Care!

For those just starting their research into the options available for people of retirement age, the terminology can be confusing and the options unclear. You may have heard these terms in the past but not really known what it meant in real life.

We’re here to be clear about this distinction - Retirement Villages are very different from Aged Care Facilities. Each one has key characteristics that make it the right choice for each of their needs.

What is a Retirement Village?

When you reach retirement, you may be attracted to the idea of moving into a home that requires lower maintenance, surrounded by a community of like-minded people, having access to lifestyle facilities and the option of being as social or as quiet as you like.

This is essentially what a retirement village offers.

Retirement villages are for people over 55 who live independently but are looking for an environment most like the lifestyle they desire. These villages come in various formats with a range of facilities and characteristics and are available to suit a range of financial circumstances.

Retirement villages are intentionally designed and built to accommodate the needs and interests of people of retirement age.

Retirement villages offer independence and provide community facilities and a secure and healthy living environment. They are managed by a third party.

What is Aged Care?

As we get older, it can become difficult to do some things independently. Cleaning, health concerns or moving around may need additional support.

Aged Care offers support to those in need as they get older. Support with everyday living, health care, accommodation and equipment can be offered in a person’s own home or in an Aged Care Facility.

Aged Care Facilities are provided for people who can no longer live independently in their own home. They may need assistance with their health and everyday tasks. It’s usually 24-hour support. Each Aged Care Facility is different, so it’s important to understand your needs and what’s on offer.

Often subsidised by the Australian government, Aged Care Facilities can provide:

  • Accommodation
  • Hotel-type services (such as laundry and cleaning)
  • Personal and Clinical Care

What if you have different needs?

Perhaps one of the more daunting situations is if you and your partner have different care needs.

He or she may require everyday assistance and help with their health concerns, while you are still able to live independently and wish to do so. Your needs are different from your partner’s.

These scenarios are confronting and often stressful, when one of you requires being looked after in an Aged Care Facility, while the other would like to continue living independently in a Retirement Village, however, you’d rather not be separated.

In these situations, the ideal outcome is to find a Retirement Village located very close to an Aged Care Facility. This way, you can both receive the level of support you’re seeking, while remaining physically close to each other.

Delivering quality of life in everything we do

At Regents Garden in Perth, our communities offer this ideal scenario.

With numerous state-of-the-art Aged Care Facilities in Perth, Regents Garden is redefining the benchmark for residential aged care services across WA. With an eye for excellence, we have created each residence with sophisticated design and quality of life in mind.

Located alongside our luxury Retirement Villages in Aubin Grove and Lake Joondalup, two of our Aged Care Facilities offer a level of quality and care that will provide peace of mind. They are a short walk away from each other, allowing you to maintain your connection whilst having access to the support you desire.

If you’d like to learn more about our facilities or discuss how these communities could be the option you’re looking for, contact us today.