Is It Time To Consider Aged Care For Your Parent?

Taking care of elderly parents is filled with a fair amount of challenges and tough decisions. Watching them transition from your caregiver to someone who can no longer live on their own is understandably emotionally taxing.


After all, how do you ensure they get the support and care they need to flourish as an older adult? They were the ones making the tough calls up to now! 

It’s always a great idea to develop an aged care plan with your parent and discuss which types of care may be needed. But when do you bring up this conversation?


These key signs may indicate it’s time to consider aged care:  


  • An increase in the number of falls. If they’re still driving, another red flag would be an increase in the number of accidents.
  • Falling prey to petty crime. Older people are often more vulnerable to being taken advantage of. For example, being conned by telemarketers punting financial scams.

  • Forgetfulness. It’s natural for memory to start deteriorating as we age, but if your parent is excessively forgetful this could be a red flag.

  • Caregiver stress. Your needs remain important, even while taking care of an elderly parent. If you’re struggling to cope with the demands of being the sole caregiver, it could be time to consider enlisting additional help. 
  • Potential future medical and personal needs. The likelihood of developing chronic medical conditions skyrockets as we age, and our ability to take care of ourselves diminishes. Consider if you’re able to keep up with your parent’s future support needs, and whether it may be wiser to enlist the help of aged care sooner rather than later. 
  • Personal hygiene. When your parent’s personal hygiene standards start slipping, it may be time to consider aged care. Take note of whether they’re paying attention to grooming and self-care.
  • Diminishing social life. Isolation has a marked negative effect on the overall health of older adults. If you notice your parent becoming increasingly isolated and showing less interest in hobbies and regular social interaction, it’s time to take note. 
  • Personal administration. Is your parent paying their bills on time? Are they managing to keep the house well-maintained? When personal administration piles up, it could be linked to waning motivation or ability, and they may need the social and logistical support aged care can provide.

    Nutrition. Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet with regular meals is key to vibrant health as an older adult. If your parent is struggling to care for their nutritional needs independently, an aged care facility with catered meals may be a great option. Many, like Regents Garden, offer restaurant-style dining that makes top nutrition effortless and luxurious.

Regents Garden offers so much more than just meals and a bed — we make quality of life a priority. Our aged care residences in Perth offer low maintenance living options with a vibrant social life and the peace of mind that support is on hand when it’s needed. 

Contact us to chat about how we can help you provide your loved one with the care they need to live life to the fullest, or click here and download our Essential Guide to Choosing The Right Aged Care. It’s a great way to explore which aged care living option can make taking care of elderly parents a joyous journey for the whole family.